Software development

Empower your org to lead technology innovation. 

Track evolving trends with the Pluralsight Technology Index.

Foster a learning culture to move fast and stay ahead


Give your team the latest development tools and practices to develop effective and captivating websites using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python and more.


With real-world experience in AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure and other cloud services, our content explains how to better test and deploy applications.


Prep your team to write clean code whether they develop in iOS, Android or Windows apps. Help them stay current on all things mobile, including Swift, Kotlin and JavaScript.


With courses on SQL, Python, NoSQL, Object relational mapping and more, your team can learn database development from experts.

Continuous integration

Improve your team’s ability to develop, test and deploy on a more regular cadence. Implement rapid release cycles while mitigating the risks that come with moving quickly.